Mark Sultan – Whatever I Want


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This past year Mark Sultan (aka BBQ) holed up in his apartment in Montreal and wrote and recorded a TON of new material. In The Red felt there was no choice but to release it all. Well, most of it. We are proud to announce that we are dropping TWO brand new Mark Sultan albums at the same time.With some help from his friends (Dan from The Gories, Jared & Cole from the Black Lips, Erin from the Spits, Choyce from Red Mass to name a few) Whatever I Want and Whenever I Want contain some of the best jams this man has ever recorded.

1. Axis Abraxas
2. Livin’ My life
3. Calloused Hands
4. Graveyard Eyes
5. Quit The Human Race
6. Just For a Moment
7. No Worries

8. Song In Grey
9. If I Had a Polaroid
10. Blood On Your Hands
11. Just Like Before
12. Repulse Me, Baby
13. I Turned Them All Down
14. Never Coming Home