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As one of the principal songwriters in the New Hampshire band MMOSS, guitarist Doug Tuttle
was integral in honing that band’s signature sound of West Coast bummer harmonies wrapped
taut around a sinewy & dreamy collision of hazy psychedelia & motorik krautrock. Upon the
band’s recent dissolution in the spring of 2013, the east coast native Tuttle pitched camp in
Somerville, Mass & began writing his way through not only the band’s demise but also the end of
a long-time relationship. The fruits of his labor are clearly evident in his debut solo album. Tuttle
deftly forges a sound that all his, weaving nebulous jams into masterfully crafted pop gems.
There is also heavy introspection here leading one to consider other artists who were terrific as
the member of a band but that really excelled when they began releasing material under their
own name.
Like Harumi’s “Talk About It” the album’s opener “ With Us Soon” is almost shocking in it ’s beauty
and immediacy – resplendent with cascading waves of layered vocal harmonies and buzzing
with phasered ecstasy. While ‘Forget the Days’ is reminiscent of the best Rick Wright Pink Floyd
tune ’‘Turn this Love’ is perhaps the cornerstone of the record; practically pouring out of the
speakers. At once hazy & yearning, the tune builds upon melodic organ drones & splashing
cymbal crashes before turning into an extended jam that you wish would go on forever just the
way you want ‘Cowgirl in the Sand’ or ‘Ramble Tamble’ to play on an on until the end of time.
There is definitely a bittersweet narrative going on throughout the record but with the strength of every single track the listener becomes the willing accomplice. ‘I Will Leave”s melancholy refrain
and ‘I Won’t Do’s’ downer optimism are two of the more personal tracks on the album but have a
pop undercurrent not unlike J.K. and Company. The journey ends with ‘Better Days (Wools Grown
Lighter)’ which is both reflective and optimistic. Doug Tuttle’s debut solo LP plays out in the same
way, a reflection of his musical and personal past, but with it ’s eyes solely on the future.