Dan Melchior Und Das Menace – Hunger


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The first time I heard Dan Melchior I felt betrayed that no one had turned
my ear to his strange sounds before then. The LP was called Hello, I’m Dan
Melchior and it starts with the line ‘I once did mushrooms with Björk…’
Goddamn, he had me at mushrooms.
“Since then, I’ve been blessed with unearthing several of his masterpieces
from LP bins all around the world. Dan has made mighty and copious marks
upon the world of wax. Every record is a wade through the primordial poem-
brain that is Dan Melchior’s creative force.
“What we have here is a fabulous collection of classic Melchior und das
Menace. We asked, he let us dig through the archive, and lo and behold: Hunger,
a grip of unreleased Melchior gold. It will take less than ten seconds for
the high to kick in after the rush of greasy guitars consume you at the get-go
of ‘A Wizard Doesn’t Need a Computer.’ And yes, he’s taking the piss.
“I’ve also been lucky enough to do some touring with him and his lovely
wife and co-conspirator Letha. They may be the only white cats I know who
don’t look weird in dashikis. I wish I was kidding…quite comely. Letha has
been duking it out with a heavy illness, and although strong as ever, the bills
are piling up and they could always use a hand. A portion of the proceeds
from the sales of this record will go to aid them in this fight. Here’s a link to
the website, should you feel the urge to donate otherwise: http://melchiorfund.
“So please dig in with open ears and hearts. Let Dan melt your brains as
he has ours at Castle Face.” —John Dwyer