Damaged Bug – Hubba Bubba


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Recorded at home in the fall of 2013 with a variety of synthesizers, drum machines, and assorted hand-made electronics, Damaged Bug is Oh Sees mastermind John Dwyer’s latest bit of cracked pop alchemy. The project is the cure to the ailment of too much guitar for too long. Fizzing and sputtering like a glowing temperamental cockpit control panel, this is Dwyer bunkered deep in a blinking laboratory and penning songs about the long arc of our travels across space and time. Propulsive beats and synthetic veneers support and coat laser guided melodies reflecting off shiny metal surfaces, and instrumental interludes pop in and out like breaks in the asteroid belt.
1. Gloves For Garbage
2. Rope Burn
3. Eggs At Night
4. SS Cassidinea
5. Catastrophobia
6. Hubba Bubba
7. Sic Bay Surprise
8. Photography
9. Hot Swells
10. 1/2 An Airplane
11. Metal Hand
12. Wasteland